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Pure Raw Yemeni Sidr Jujube Honey (250g)

Pure Raw Yemeni Sidr Jujube Honey (250g)

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Product Description:

Nature’s Blends has a beautifully tasting, richly flavored, thick, sweet-smelling, pure, and raw Yemini Sidr Jujube Honey, sourced from Yemini’s Sidr Tree. This precious bee delight supports a healthy body and lifestyle.

Have a truly unforgettable sugary experience!

Product Overview:

Whether you need raw Yemeni honey for therapeutic reasons or just want to relish its distinctive buttery taste, Nature’s Blends has a rich, creamy and luxurious delicacy harvested from the purest and wildly lush Sidr Trees of Yemen, where people call it ‘liquid gold. Light in color when freshly produced, organic honey turns darker with time. 

It is one of the rarest and finest honey varieties, and we make sure that you get the best quality honey packed with a floral taste, nice fragrance, and mild sweetness. We filter it minimally and perform cold extraction to preserve naturally-present vital enzymatic components.

Apart from the luring smell, Yemini Sidr Jujube Honey offers numberless remedial properties as the flower nectar is tremendously loaded with health-promoting compounds. From improving digestion to strengthening immunity, combatting allergies to healing wounds, promoting healthier skin to alleviating sore throat symptoms, Sidr honey is embraced as a go-to therapeutic product.

Taste, Color, and Texture: 

Our pure Yemeni Sidr Honey is intensely sweet. The taste is fairly distinctive due to the caramel undertone complemented by delicious notes of butterscotch. It gives you a sharp buttery and nutty aftertaste.

We deliver our raw honey in an amazing thick and creamy consistency. It comes in medium to dark amber color, which changes over time or due to crystallization.

Suggested Ways to Consume 
  1. Sidr honey goes well with pancakes, crepes, and waffles as a natural sweetener.
  2. You can either drizzle it on your salad or mix it with your side sauce.
  3. It is the best-fitting alternative to sugar and maple syrup for weight-watchers.
  4. Add it to your desserts and bakery items. 
  5. Take a spoonful of organic honey and mix it in lukewarm water. Drinking it in the morning is beneficial for weight loss and sore throat. For a better taste, add a few drops of lime.
  6. It makes a good topping for ice cream, sundaes, cupcakes, and yogurt.
  7. Being a healthier substitute, raw honey is beneficial for elderly people with diabetes.
  8. For faster wound healing, you can use honey as an organic ointment.
  9. Honey is safe enough to be consumed raw and empty stomach.
  10. Give your savory cuisines a dash of caramel with pure Sidr honey. It is best for Chinese dishes.
  11. Add honey to your facial masks and scrubs to clean and hydrate your skin. For masks, you can mix Yemini Sidr Jujube Honey with turmeric, yogurt, or almond oil.
  12. Raw Yemini honey seems to benefit you by reducing irritation in hair, enhancing their growth, preventing dandruff growth, and making them look lusciously silky & smooth.

Sidr tree has a sacred reputation from a religious perspective. But, people all around the world have acknowledged the Sidr tree for its uniqueness in taste, smell, texture, and therapeutic uses. It has different names to be called. In Arabic is called sidr (السدر). Whereas, it is called “Christ’s Thorn” in the Bible. Moreover:

  • English name - Jujube, lote tree, and lotus tree
  • Botanical Name - Ziziphus, Spinachristi, Ziziphus jujube

The Sidr tree’s flowers only bloom once a year in the winter season (October) for a brief period. It is an ideal time to get your hands with the best monofloral form of Sidr honey. The flowers have an exceptionally attractive smell, bringing honeybees to feed on their nectar. Sidr trees are typically covered with thorns whereas yellow flowers grow in clusters.

Honey is difficult to source as trees grow uncultivated in the middle east (desolated areas of Yemen). You can find sidr trees in India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Still, the Yemini variety has the most quality honey produced with no artificial preservatives or chemicals and with the use of traditional tools that best preserve the valuable constituents of honey.

Health Benefits of Honey:

Yemeni Sidr Honey has the potential to energize your body with its nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich composition. It can be used topically due to its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. Due to the abundance of phytochemicals, it gives analgesic properties. Let’s see some of the major health benefits of honey.

  1. Sidr honey is known for improving immunity. You can consume up to 3 Tbsps. of honey every day to avail of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties for the purpose of strengthening your immune system. It cleanses your body by eliminating toxic build-up.
  2. Pure honey is an organic way to make the most out of your skincare. Using it in facemasks will soften and hydrate your skin, giving it a glowing texture with no acne.
  3. Best natural way for treating infections and sinuses, cold, flu, and sore throat.
  4. With antibacterial traits, it acts as a natural exfoliant body scrub.
  5. Yemini Sidr Jujube Honey can play a role in combatting respiratory infections.
  6. When applied topically on wounds, burns, or bruises, Raw honey gives a cooling sensation. Honey soothes your irritated skin just like any other ointment but with no side effects while promoting faster healing.
  7. Sidr honey is good for liver health.
  8. Yemini Sidr Jujube Honey is low in glucose and sucrose, letting diabetics use it freely.
  9. Best natural remedy for relieving constipation.
  10. Organic raw honey can be the best pick for a weight loss regimen because it is low in calories.
  11. Pure honey supports the healing of stomach ulcers.
  12. One of the vital benefits of honey is in a hair mask or as a herbal shampoo. It can help you get rid of dandruff and support hair growth.
  13. Sidr tree leaves can reduce swelling of the eyes.

What is special about Yemen honey?

Yemen has been known for producing superior quality honey for centuries. They supply the rarest Sidr honey and other monofloral honey varieties in premium taste and flavor richness. By using traditional beehive-keeping practices, they collect the purest raw unfiltered honey.

Which Sidr honey is the best?

Raw Yemeni honey is the best pick. 

Is Sidr honey healthy?

Sidr Honey has unlimited health benefits. On the one hand, pure honey has a higher nutritional value. On the other hand, it comes loaded with antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Sidr honey mentioned in Quran?

Yes, it is mentioned in Quran as “The lote tree” (tree in heaven).

What are the major differences between Manuka honey and Sidr honey?

  1. They have different sources - Manuka honey is obtained from Manuka Tree which is only grown in New Zealand. Sidr honey is found in more than one place, such as India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and the Arabian Peninsula. It is sourced from Sidr Tree.
  2. They have different uses - Manuka is primarily acknowledged for its oil. Whereas the Sidr tree is medicinally useful from bark to fruit. 
  3. The reason for the Sidr tree’s antibacterial properties is the presence of Hydrogen peroxide. But, Manuka honey has methylglyoxal which gives it antibacterial properties. 

Is Sidr honey good for the face?

Being enriched with antioxidants, it can be used for a variety of skin problems and to give you a younger, fresher, and more glowing look. It reduces skin infections, removes pimples, and lessens the signs of aging.

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