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Nature's Blend SA

Premium Ethiopian Black Seed

Premium Ethiopian Black Seed

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Nature’s Blend offers 100% pure, best quality, naturally grown, and the freshest premium black
seeds (Nigella Sativa) enriched with nutrition, oil, and moisture. We source them from Ethiopia – a
place famous for the blessed seed’s purity, warm taste, and fine texture to let you avail of maximum
black seed benefits.


Prized for marvellous healing properties, therapeutic attributes, and nutraceutical benefits, our
naturally harvested Premium Black seeds have a rough surface, unique nutty flavour, and an oily
white interior. You can use it as a seasoning spice or flavouring agent due to its slightly hotter taste
and can be an excellent alternative to black seed oil. Feel free to mix it in honey for a sweet peppery
blend, take a pinch of raw seeds to enhance digestion and strengthen immunity, or use the ground
seeds to make a detoxifying mask.
We welcome you to sustain a healthy lifestyle with blessed seeds, a part of the buttercup family
featuring curative properties!
Click here to learn more about our premium Black Seeds.
*Despite delivering you top quality Ethiopian seeds with purity and uncompromising compliance to
health standards, we declare the above-mentioned statements unacknowledged by DEFRA. The
product is not meant for diagnosing, curing, relieving, or preventing physical or neurological


Premium Ethiopian Black Seeds (100g)

Suggested use:

This wonderful spice, black cumin seeds, are best suited for different cuisines as it gives off a stable
aroma. Use a pinch or as you seem fit to bring out the taste and smell. Sprinkle it as a flavourful food
additive. Take 1 Tsp. of our Ethiopian black seeds, chew them, and swallow it with lukewarm water.
It can be used as an everyday dietary supplement (with minimum adverse effects). Add it to the
dishes while cooking as a natural preservative and protect your food from spoilage.
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Advisory Information:

Considering your current physical and mental health status, pregnancy or postpartum period,

breastfeeding, and medical prescriptions, you are advised to consume black cumin seeds after
consulting with your medical doctor. The black seed benefits are unlimited, but in case of
experiencing any adverse symptoms, do not consume. It is better to keep them in a cool, shade, and
dry place. Seeds must not be exposed to moisture and sunlight or lose their medicinal properties.
Keep them out of reach of children as they are unsuitable for consumption for children under five
years of age.
Although seeds are dietary supplements, you cannot use them to substitute vitamins, minerals, or
other energy-rich foods. It should not be prescribed as an alternative to a specific diet.

*Despite delivering you top quality Ethiopian seeds with purity and uncompromising compliance to
health standards, we declare the above-mentioned statements unacknowledged by DEFRA. The
product is not meant for diagnosing, curing, relieving, or preventing physical and neurological
Ethiopian black seeds are vital to maintaining optimum health as they have a wide range of healing
1. Seeds have a remarkable power to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure to keep
good heart health.
2. They possess the ability to support your body’s natural healing. 
3. Lab-proven antimicrobial agent for reducing inflammation, fungal growth, and infections.
4. It offers remarkable natural therapy for treating immune disorders and allergies.
5. Keep healthy blood cells safe with antioxidant properties.
6. Black seed benefits for the skin makes it suitable for treating eczema.  
7. Cleanses your respiratory system for alleviating the effects of breathing problems.
8. They help prevent gastrointestinal disorders.
9. It has a potent component (thymoquinone) to fight against cancer tumours and other
chronic illnesses. 


Is Ethiopian black seed the best?
Yes, and it has multiple reasons to be. It is the most potent, dark, and strongest type, used for
numerous illnesses and diseases.
What's the black seed used for?
Black seeds have anticancer, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, which makes them suitable
for different health conditions, including respiratory (asthma, cough, bronchitis, emphysema), skin
(acne, eczema), cardiovascular, hair loss, weakened immune system, allergies, increased sugar and
BP levels, and digestive tract issues (diarrhoea, constipation).
Do black seeds expire?
Talking about the expiration date on the bottle, it never expires. BUT, the usual shelf life of Black
Seed and black seed oil is roughly two years.
How do you store black seeds?
You must store them in an airtight, opaque or glass container at a cool, shady place away from heat,
humidity, and direct sunlight. It lets the seed retain its medicinal properties, freshness, and aroma.
Can I drink black seeds with water or eat them raw?
Yes, you can mix a pinch of raw, whole seeds with honey or swallow them with a glass of water in
the morning as a natural remedy for GIT and respiratory issues. You can also sprinkle them on your
oatmeal, curries, salad, vegetables, smoothies, etc.
Are Black seeds good for acne?
Yes, Nigella seeds not only removes impurities from the skin to improve texture, but it also unclogs
pores and even your skin tone. It is possible because of its anti-bacterial properties. The best way to
use seeds is to grind them in powder form and make a mask or scrub.
What do nigella seeds taste like?
They have a mildly peppery, strong taste with a touch of bitter and spicy flavour. You can say it
offers a distinctive combination of pungent black pepper, oregano, and onion undertones.
Who should not take black seed oil?
People with blood clotting or blood thinning issues and bleeding disorders are not advised to take
black seeds as they might slow down the clotting process.

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