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Manuka 83+ And Black Seed

Manuka 83+ And Black Seed

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The Combined Power of Raw Manuka Honey and Black Seed (MGO 83+) 

One honey jar containing two of the most powerful superfoods nature has to offer. Our raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey is a one of a kind product sourced from the scenic shorelines of New Zealand, often dubbed ‘the land of manuka’. 

The honey itself is packed to the brim with micronutrients and bioactives from both the Nigella Sativa seeds (black seeds) and Manuka blooms - that means you get to reap the benefits of two natural gifts in one go. We use very gentle cold-extraction methods to obtain our honey. This ensures that you’re getting honey that’s fully raw, completely unprocessed and devoid of any artificial preservatives. 

MGO rating of 83+ makes this honey the perfect table honey. This wholesome specialty can easily be included in your culinary and/or cosmetic routine. Spread some on your toast for a healthy breakfast, use as a healthy alternative to sugar or add it to your skincare regimen: the choice is yours!

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