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Natures Blend SA

Clover Honey 250g

Clover Honey 250g

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Product Description:

Nature’s Blends Clover honey is sourced directly from the lush South Island of New Zealand and is one of its kind – rich and creamy, aromatic and flavourful, mildly sweet, and loaded with nutritious compounds. You can consume it either for therapeutic purposes or for cooking. 

Product Overview: 

Nature’s Blends brings premium quality, 100% pure and raw, organic, and beautiful-tasting clover honey. Produced in New Zealand, this fine delicacy is harvested responsibly. It is produced by honeybees who collect nectar only from Clover (Trifolium) flowers. Our unprocessed and unfiltered clover honey is enriched with pollens and has a creamy texture and relatively strong flavor. Depending on the season, it can be light or medium-colored.

We neither blend the honey nor heat it to retain naturally present proteins and important enzymes in clover flower nectar. We use cold-pressing techniques for extraction to give you an extraordinary taste.

Being one of the organic kinds of honey, it will surely become a necessary addition to savory cuisines, desserts, and snacks. Our raw honey serves more than culinary use as it is rich in healthful components. Its higher vitamin and mineral content gives you energy and vitality!

Taste, Color, Aroma, and Texture:

Clover honey is known for its milder yet rich and tempting flavor, where you experience gentle sweetness perfectly balanced with delicate flowery notes. It gives you a pleasant aftertaste similar to fresh hay. The natural taste is fairly unique, combined with a desirable floral aroma taking you to a blooming orchard!

Raw unfiltered honey is characterized by splendidly creamy and thick consistency. It is amber-colored honey that can be light to dark, considering the season and how it is contained. Its lightness in taste and smell make this pure honey a palatable food to support a healthy lifestyle.

Suggested Ways to Consume:
  1. It makes the best alternative to sugar for desserts, coffees, and teas being a natural sweetener.
  2. You can use it as a spread on toast for breakfast or evening snacks.
  3. Drizzle it on your oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothies.
  4. You can mix it with your salads and sauces due to its not-so-overpowering taste.
  5. For breakfast, use it on pancakes and crepes.
  6. It can be used as a source of healthy fats and sugars in healthy beverages and juices.

Clover, an edible herbaceous plant that is also cherished as a pasture plant, is native to grassy areas of Europe and Central Asia. It has the capacity to nitrogenize the soil for fertilizing it naturally. The plant tends to nurture in temperate and subtropical regions. Moreover, Clover is organically grown in NZ’s sunny gardens in abundance. It can be harvested in any part of the world except Australia and Southeast Asia.

Clover has various health benefits to offer because of its nutrient-dense composition. It has calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin C, niacin, iron, flavonols, and phenolic acid. The benefits of honey are significant for youngsters and elderly people equally.

You can find roughly 300 kinds of clover plants, but clover honey is usually made from white Clover (Trifolium repens) that blooms from spring to summer. Honeybees feed on the nectar, bringing it back to the hive, where it is sealed in honeycombs and hardened to a thick wax.

Additional Information
  • You must keep the jar away from sunlight, direct heat, and moisture. Always store it in a cool, shady, and dry place.
  • If you are allergic to pollens or honey/sugar, you must avoid using this product as it has pollens.
  • Adults can consume raw honey, but children of 1 year or less should not consume it.
Health Benefits of Honey:

Clover honey has all the goodness that is useful for various health issues. Our organic honey is not only high in energy and trace minerals but also in anti-oxidants and plenty of other bioactive, enhancing its nutrient profile.

  1. Being an anti-oxidant powerhouse, pure honey makes your heart, brain, and lungs healthy.
  2. You can use white clover honey to combat the symptoms of fever, flu, and cough. 
  3. One of the significant benefits of honey is strengthening the immune system (it contains hydrogen peroxide).
  4. The flavanol and minerals work together to reduce the risk of strokes.
  5. Individuals with bone problems or weaknesses can take raw honey benefits to stop the progress of bone mineral loss. 
  6. Clover is prized for its anti-bacterial and antiviral effects.
  7. Pure honey can be used against vomiting, hot flashes, and light-headedness.
  8. Undoubtedly, raw honey is helpful for respiratory infections as it has potent anti-germ/anti-microbial properties.
  9. Due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Clover honey is an excellent addition to ointments for topically applying to wounds, burns, skin conditions, injuries, or ulcers. 
  10. Due to its fantastic anti-microbial properties, it can be added to your skincare routine.
  11. Unfiltered clover honey can brilliantly control your blood pressure levels by relaxing and widening your blood vessels. After all, it is a good source of antioxidants.
  12. It lowers bad cholesterol levels.
  13. Pure honey keeps your brain healthy and away from depression.

What are the potential risks of clover honey?

Clover honey is used for health benefits but can affect your health negatively if taken in larger amounts. Primarily,

  1. Harmful to diabetics as it is mostly sugar. 
  2. This can result in weight gain making weight management complicated.

Is clover honey healthy?

Yes, because it has surplus amounts of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, and sugar. Being high in flavanols and phenols makes it a healthy addition to meals. Clover honey is packed with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory traits making it a good pick for keeping the heart, lung, skin, and brain health.

What is the difference between clover honey and wildflower honey?

The major difference is in their taste. Clover honey is milder than wildflower in flavor.

What are the major differences between Orange Blossom Honey and Clover Honey?

  1. Clover honey is produced from clover herbaceous plants. Whereas orange blossom honey is obtained from the nectar of the flowers of orange trees.
  2. Orange bloom honey and clover honey have a milder flavor, but the former has a punch of citrus taste.

What is clover creamed honey?

Creamed Clover Honey is a special type of honey that is carefully spun and whipped to turn its liquid consistency into a smooth and creamy texture.

What are the differences between clover and regular honey?

  • Clover honey looks medium yellow with some transparency, but regular honey has a dark orange shade.
  • Clover honey has a strong floral aroma, and regular honey smells earthy combined with a subtle saccharinity.
  • Clover honey comes with delicate light to medium sweetness. Regular honey tastes intensely sweet.
  • Clover honey has an aftertaste of fresh hay, but regular honey gives a typical flowery aftertaste. 
  • Clover honey is sticky in nature and can be crystallized faster. In contrast, regular honey doesn’t crystallize faster because it is pasteurized and gives an exceptionally smooth texture.

Does Clover Honey Expire?

No, it never comes with an expiry date. Although, it turns cloudier and grainier over time.

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