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Nature's blend SA

Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil

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Product Description

Nature’s Blend black seed oil provides you with the omegas and other valuable nutrients you need to keep your body systems healthy and stronger immunity system. Improve your complex life with super-antioxidant Ethiopian black seed oil, having widespread healing powers!

Product Overview

Nature’s Blends black seed oil uses high-quality, pure, thoroughly tested, and organic Ethiopian black seeds, which are mechanically cold-pressed in certified facilities without heating or adding unnecessary preservatives. It lets the seeds preserve all of the therapeutic and nutritional attributes. You can either consume it orally or apply it topically. We prefer sourcing from the fertile lands of Ethiopia. It delivers the most potent Black Seeds, bringing you countless health benefits as it is rich in omega-3s, amino acids, and antioxidants.
This unique plant (Nigella Sativa) oil is packed with thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ), and thymol which work together synergistically. These are the key to maintaining a healthy inflammatory response and strong immune system simultaneously. In fact, our virgin Ethiopian black seed oil comes with the highest level TQ (2.5%) and volatility (3.9%).
*Despite delivering you top quality black cumin seed oil with purity and strict compliance to health standards, we declare the above-mentioned statements unacknowledged by DEFRA. The product is not meant for diagnosing, curing, relieving, or preventing physical and neurological illnesses.
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Directions for Use:
For oral consumption

• Take ¼ to 1 tsp. of oil and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water.
• Repeat it twice daily for 2-3 months to get visible results.
• The preferred time is early morning in the fasting state (before breakfast).
• You can take it orally in a combination of honey, olive oil, and milk.
*We advise you to enjoy black seed oil and honey benefits together as their ultimate combination reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body, bring freshness to your facial skin, and make you cut down body fats.
For external use:
• Take ¼ to 1 tsp. of oil, warm it slightly, apply to the affected area/skin/joints, and massage with light hands to remove the aches.
• 1-3 drops of oil in each nostril will be enough to manage cold.
• For hair growth and to enhance blood circulation, you can massage the oil in the scalp’s skin.
• For migraines or headaches, massage your temples and forehead.
• Use oil 2 times a day.



• 100% natural cold-pressed Nigella Sativa Oil
Nutritional Facts:
Typical values per 100 grams
• Energy 3481Kj/847Kcal
• Fat 94.5
• Saturates 13.7
• Carbohydrate < 0.3
• Sugar < 0.3
• Protein < 0.3
• Sodium < 0.004
• Salt < 0.01

Health Benefits

Enriched with three powerful compounds: Thymol, Thymoquinone (TQ) and Thymohydroquinone (THQ), black seed oil offers a variety of natural solutions to multiple ailments. Among its myriad remedial and nutritional advantages, black seed oil cures and can benefit the individuals if they have:
1. Respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, asthma, and chest congestion. It helps rid phlegm.
2. Weak immune system.
3. Liver or kidney disease.
4. Digestion issues.
5. Allergies.
6. Swelling.
7. Cardiovasular problems.
8. Eye-related issues, including glaucoma.
9. Diabetes (even if you are pre-diabetic).
10. Skin rashes, acne, and related comorbidities, for instance, Eczema and skin wrinkling. It might lighten the injury and surgery scars.
11. High cholesterol levels.
12. Inflammatory diseases such as kee/body pain due to arthritis.
In addition to the above, it has the potential to improve neural health. Nigellone and Thymoquinone, naturally occurring chemicals in Nigella, serve the functions of potent bronchodilators and support the production of prostaglandin E1. Black cumin seeds can help you improve body tone, encourage healthy metabolism, and stimulate hair growth.

Advisory Information

Considering your current physical and mental health status, pregnancy or postpartum period, breastfeeding, and medical prescriptions, you are advised to consume black cumin seed oil after consulting with your medical doctor. In most cases, it is safe to use but only if the recommended dosage limits of TQ and omega-3s are not exceeded. The black cumin oil benefits are unlimited, but in case of experiencing any adverse symptoms, do not consume.
It is better to keep them in a cool (preferably below 30 degrees), shady, and dry place. Seeds must not be exposed to moisture, heat, and direct sunlight or lose their medicinal properties. Keep them out of reach of children as they are unsuitable for consumption for children under five years of age.
*Despite delivering you top quality black cumin seed oil with purity and strict compliance to health standards, we declare the above-mentioned statements unacknowledged by DEFRA. The product is not meant for diagnosing, curing, relieving, or preventing physical and neurological illnessess


Thymol – A compound responsible for giving a strong, pungent odour and distinctive bitter taste to the black seed oil. It is colourless and water-soluble. Thymol is best used as a disinfectant.
Thymohydroquinone (THQ) – It shares the positive impacts with TQ. It mainly functions to keep the neurotransmission activity of the brain in flow. It is usually prescribed for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and schizophrenia.




How often should you use black seed oil/Ethiopian black seed oil?
You can consume it every day, but only if you are consuming it in the recommended dosage and not exceeding the safe limit. You can take it orally (liquid or capsule form). Cooking with black seed oil is acceptable but take small amounts to avoid the chances of toxicity. Generally, you can take it daily for a maximum of 3 months.

What can happen if you consume too much black seed oil?
Toxicity of black seed oil can affect your liver and kidneys, cause skin problems, or lead to nausea, vomiting, Git issues, and allergies. It can be harmful for multiple organs

Does black seed oil make you lose weight?
Yes. This food supplement has the potential to make you lose body weight naturally by combating metabolic disorders. It helps reduce BMI.

Is black cumin oil good for GREY hair?
One of the major black cumin oil benefits is the prevention of greying (hair). Black seed oil for hair might reverse greying as well.

Is Black seed oil good for kidneys?
As the studies explain, oil can help reduce the chances of kidney stones, decrease the size of stones, or eliminate the stones from the body.

Can I apply black seed oil directly on my face?

Cumin oil is safe to be applied on skin directly. For face, you can massage the liquid form in to your skin or mix it in masks and scrubs.

Is black seed oil good for skin problems?
Absolutely! Due to its anti-inflammatory traits, black seed oil cures allergies, rashes, supports healing, eases symptoms of eczema, minimizes risks for bacterial skin infections, and much more.

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