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Nature's Blend SA

Wild Forest Honey (340g)

Wild Forest Honey (340g)

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Nature’s Blends wild forest honey comes with a stronger taste & bolder flavour, an exotic sweetness & a punch of spiciness. You can avail yourself of plenty of therapeutic benefits from our fine- and smooth-textured, thick, and pure, raw honey comprising all-natural ingredients to maintain the highest purity and quality control standards for ensuring 100% food safety.


Our unprocessed and gravity-extracted wild forest organic honey is sourced straight from the honeycombs of Romanian woodlands, where honeybees produce this luxury honey by feeding on the pollen of sweet wildflowers, trees & herbs. With professional beekeeping and best honey harvesting practices, Nature’s Blends presents you with a jar of the most delicious and nutrient-dense honeydew honey. It is not only rich in content but exceptionally palatable with a flowery aftertaste.

Say no to high or artificial sugars and try our golden delight that has a not-so-overly sweet taste, refreshing flavour, plenty of vital vitamins, amazing antioxidant properties, beneficial naturally occurring enzymes, and higher mineral content. It has a thicker consistency as we cold-filter the honey, letting it retain its natural goodness. 

  • Size: 340 g

Find out more about raw honey 

Taste, Fragrance, and Colour

Although wild forest honey doesn’t have an overly sweet taste but is definitely sweeter in fragrance than other honey types. It gives off floral yet mildly earthy, deep woody, richly herbaceous, and freshening warm mossy odour with hints of wild nectar for sweetness. The organic raw honey has a smooth, mild to medium sugary taste with weak natural acidity. The best part is its tangy taste coupled with a striking floral aftertaste. It is present in light to deep amber shades. The colour varies per batch and season.

Directions for Use
  1. You can take it in your breakfast, evening snacks, or school lunch as a healthful spread on a loaf of bread. 
  2. Raw unfiltered honey can be used in a variety of savoury dishes to enhance flavour. 
  3. Add it as your salad dressing for floral sweetness. 
  4. Due to its nutrient-rich composition, honey can become your go-to natural energy source before hitting gyms.
  5. As it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, honey is a germ killer and can be used as a natural wound ointment.
  6. You can mix it in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it as a home remedy for cold and sore throat. Don’t forget to add a few drops of lemon and ginger juice.
  7. The raw honey benefits include using it as a natural sweetener on cereals, smoothies, and tea or coffee.
  8. Mix honey in your masks for skin beauty or use it as an organic cleanser.

The distinguishing point of wild forest honey is that it is made by a specific forest bee species which collects the honeydew from wild forest trees (holm oak, cork oak trees). The honeybees also feed on the nectar and pollen of rare herbs and shrubs and various wildflowers to give you a classic European speciality loaded with health-promoting compounds.

You can find pure honey being harvested in various regions, such as India, North America, and Africa.

Benefits of Honey

Buy our organic and raw honey to nourish and nurture yourself while enjoying its exceptional taste. The benefits of honey are unlimited but some of the worth-mentioning include the following.

  1. Organic honey is rich in antioxidants which helps it lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Known for antiseptic properties, honey is found valuable against respiratory infections and seasonal flu, cough, and sore throat. It relieves the sore throat by making a protective covering over the inflamed throat. A wondrous cough suppressant!
  3. You can use raw honey as an immune booster for strengthening your body.
  4. It softens and opens the pores for natural oils to nourish your scalp with anti-fungal properties, resulting in dandruff-free hair.
  5. One of the most appreciated benefits is its healing properties. It heals wounds and relieves sunburns by giving a cooling sensation. 
  6. Raw unfiltered honey is a helpful natural comforting remedy for insomnia.
  7. It significantly helps beautify skin and hair while nourishing your overall body as it has a higher content of vitamins and minerals. Honey treats acne and slows down ageing with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. Wild forest honey can resolve GIT problems (stomach ulcers) and fight infections with potent anti-bacterial properties.
  9. Honey delivers high energy and helps you maintain vitality and combat fatigue.
  10. A favourable sugar replacement for diabetics is organic raw honey has lesser glucose and sucrose percentages.
  11. Obese individuals can use raw honey for multiple reasons. It controls your unhealthy sweet cravings and provides lesser calories than typical sugar. It also balances out glucose in your blood and body.
Nutritional Facts

 Nutrition Facts

Average per 100g

Average serving size 21g

Energy (Kcal)



Energy (kj)



Carbohydrates (g)



of which sugars (g)





Is raw honey good for you?

The health benefits of honey are significant as it offers more antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties than other types of honey. It comes with more potent medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits. The benefits of honey can be availed by either eating it as a spread or drinking it mixed in water. It can be used for various ailments regarding the respiratory system, GIT, heart and skin.

Is Forest honey good for skin?

Yes. Forest honey can lessen your acne, cleanse and hydrate your skin, open your clogged pores, bring freshness, and reduce wrinkles and black patches. Being an immunization agent, this raw honey mitigates skin problems. The benefits of raw honey for ailments of the skin are scientifically proven.

What are the side effects of consuming raw wild forest, honey?

If you are allergic to sugar, pollens, honey, or any of its particular ingredients, the consumption of organic honey can result in serious or life-threatening reactions. A few most common symptoms are:

  • Wheezing (asthmatic symptoms)
  • Losing consciousness or giddiness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Extreme perspiration
  • Arrhythmias 
  • Stinging, itching, rashes in case of topical application
  • A sudden spike in blood sugar.

How can you tell if it is pure honey?

There are two methods by which you can check if it is pure or not.

  1. Heat method – Take a cotton bud, dip it in your honey specimen, and expose it to heat or directly to the flame. Pure honey never burns.
  2. Water method – Take a spoonful of honey and try dissolving it in water. If it dissolves, the honey is artificial. The pure honey settles at the bottom rather than getting dissolved.

Does Africa produce honey?

Yes. In terms of production (volume of honey produced), Ethiopia is first, and Tanzania and Kenya are second and third, respectively. Uganda and Rwanda also produce honey but at a much lower production rate.

What is the healthiest type of honey?

The healthiest honey is “raw honey”. Honey with additives cannot compare to the raw honey benefits, which are organic, unfiltered, and unprocessed.

What is the difference between forest and flowery honey?

The major difference is in their source of production. The flower honey is produced by the honeybees from the flowers’ nectar. Whereas forest honey is obtained by collecting honeydew (excretion of tree lice). The second major difference is their colours. Flower honey looks bright in spring yet darker in the summer. The forest honey always has a very dark colour.

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