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Nature's Blend SA

Single Cup Set (B6)

Single Cup Set (B6)

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Nature’s Blends has a non-toxic, transparent, and multi-purpose single cup set (B6) made with the highest quality polystyrene plastic, offering a unique combination of amazing softness and high-end suction strength even after repeated use.

Product Overview

Cup’s harmless (to the skin) and unbreakable composition, coupled with the deep suction ability, make our hijama cups suitable to be used in hospitals for dry & wet cupping therapy by novice or experienced practitioners. We make a clear single-cup set (B6) to offer high visibility of tissue, fluid, and skin uplifting or color shift. Their fine outlook and better hand control are a result of our exquisite workmanship. Once you are done, it doesn’t need hours but minutes for cleaning. 

Our cups fit the skin nicely and are smooth-edged to keep the grip comfortable and non-abrasive. The two prime features we offer are economical value and durable quality with user safety. They are scientifically designed to provide outstanding anti-slip grip, top-class suction hold, and easy release.

Nature’s Blends guarantees the use of safe material in cup production with no BPA, which makes it safe for self-healing at home. 

Product Dimensions/size

Inner Diameter: 2.05 cm

Outer Diameter: 2.30 cm

Background of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been trending for the past couple of years in the Eastern and Western worlds, but its real roots are dated back to ancient traditions of Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern people. We can say its exact origin story is fairly controversial, but diverse human civilizations have availed the cupping therapy benefits, giving unlimited historical descriptions of cupping massage therapy.

You can read the Ebers Papyrus, one of the world’s oldest medical manuals, to understand the most common practices of Egyptians in 1,550 B.C for this holistic massaging method.

It gained fame in the mid-18th century for health promotion. Now, modern medicine has recognized its significance as well. This deep tissue massage, known as Hijama in Arabic, is considered safe and easy to perform because all you need is cupping/hijama cups placed, squeezed, and rotated onto the skin to create negative pressure and uplift skin into the cups. In old times, the experts used heat for creating a vacuum.

Most people kept asking, “What does cupping actually do,” well, in a shorter version: cupping, an ancient type of Chinese massage, has a long-time history of treating, curing, and preventing multiple ailments and providing comfort to aches and soreness by removing stagnant fluid and toxins from the body.

Cupping Therapy Benefits 

Suction cup therapy is categorized as a risk-free or less-risk treatment with limited contraindications. The hijama cupping therapy benefits are unlimited, but some top of the list includes:

  1. You can manage blood disorders better by stimulating the correct acupoints with hijama cupping therapy.
  2. Cupping aids in skin problems, acne, and cellulite reduction, giving clear and healthy skin with a glowing complexion.
  3. You can stimulate peristalsis movement and get rid of constipation.
  4. Suction cup therapy gives you relief from muscle soreness and pain, lower back issues, inflammation, migraines, and allergies.
  5. Manage your blood pressure with quality-made hijama cups.
  6. You can cure your persistent flu, allergies, and asthma with meds, but it will come with various side effects, and sometimes medications fail to effect. Try cupping! It saves you from health issues and tons of medicines by strengthening immunity naturally and letting the blood and lymphatic fluid flow trouble-free throughout the body.
  7. Skin problems can be averted with cupping therapy at homes, such as eczema and acne.
  8. Cupping supports tissue regeneration, blood circulation, and collagen formation.
  9. Suction cup therapy plays a significant role in resolving GIT issues such as indigestion, IBS, etc. Most importantly, it caters to the problems caused to GIT due to stress. 
  10. It brilliantly lessens the symptoms of rheumatic disease, arthritis & arthritis-related problems, or fibromyalgia by decreasing inflammation.
  11. Gynecological problems can also be treated.
  12. It promotes not only physical but also mental health by providing relaxation.
  13. Listen, you all the weight watchers, you can lose weight by cutting down your body fat and detoxifying your body.
  14. Hijama cupping is a valuable addition to the healthcare routine to intensify metabolism. 
  15. Yes, it takes all insomniacs to the phase of absolute relaxation through stabilizing the nervous system.
  16. Whether it is varicose/spider veins, sciatic pain, or fluid retention – Cupping does it all!
  17. One of the biggest cupping therapy benefits is that it can treat infertility naturally.
  18. Apart from acne, it keeps your skin younger and fresh-looking by playing a role as a potent anti-aging agent along with fighting off your wrinkles.

Cupping is harmless for many but keeps the following points in mind to avoid cupping therapy side effects.

  • Find the right cupping therapy points to treat your particular condition.
  • Always clean the suctioned area of the skin with disinfectant and alcohol cotton pad after each session or regularly for a few days.
  • Never expose yourself to strong air conditioning.
  • It is better to wash your skin with soap beforehand to remove any dirt.
  • For smooth gliding of cups onto skin, apply a moderate amount of oil, shower gel, or cream.
  • Never expose your bruised area to heat or soaking treatment, such as taking long hot showers.
  • Remove excessive hair from your skin for stronger suction.
  • Massaging your bruised area for a few minutes on a daily basis will give you a better outcome.
  • After 4-6 hours of hijama cupping, do not consume caffeine or alcohol, sugary foods, energy drinks, excessive dairy, or processed food, especially any meat and chicken. 
  • Use filtered or sterilized water for bathing to keep the harmful chemicals away from touching your bruised skin.
  • Cold or windy conditions can also harm your health after suction cup therapy.
How to Order
  1. You can either visit our “cupping” category or find the size 6 hijama cups by searching product code “B6 (size 6).”
  2. Choose the number of cups you need (we sell in increments of 50 only). On our page, you can view the price for each cup and the total price of your desired number of cups.
  3. Click “add to cart” and proceed to checkout.

How do dry cupping and wet cupping vary?

Cupping therapy is categorized into two, considering their methods of application:

  1. Dry cupping – This method involves a single step where cups are placed over the skin for blood suction.
  2. Wet cupping – This method includes an additional step where an expert practitioner makes a small incision to draw the blood out from the areas being suctioned by the cupping.

What material and shape of cups are used for cupping therapy?

In old times, cups produced with earthenware, glass, or bamboo were used for traditional cupping. With time and modification of health practices, Western practitioners are observed using cups made from hard-wearing silicone or plastic. As far as the shape is concerned, the two most common shapes include bell-shaped cups and knob-like jars.

Can cupping be helpful for cutting down your body fat?

Cupping therapy or cupping massage therapy is a proven technique to promote healthy weight loss. It plays an essential role in providing full-body toning by stimulating necessary acupoints and lymphatic lines for metabolizing excessive body fat accumulated in your body and around your internal organs. It is undoubtedly, one of the greatest hijama cupping benefits.

For how long one must keep the suction cups on for cupping?

The time may vary under certain circumstances, but usually, the cup must be left in place for suction for not more than 3 minutes. 

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