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Nature's Blend SA

Fir Tree Honey (340g)

Fir Tree Honey (340g)

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Nature’s Blends Fir Tree Honey is a delightful and aromatic product of organic farming that gives off a pearlescent lustre. It tastes like toffee and gives a caramel-like texture. Apart from the culinary use, you will love our pure honey for its excellent nutritional profile loaded with health-promoting compounds.

We invite you to Indulge yourself in the exquisite & delicate taste of pure honey evoked from the fir trees! 

Product Overview

Nature’s Blends has a world-class range of pure raw honey, and our unfiltered Greek Fir Tree Honey is one of the rarest and most flavourful products available in gel-like consistency and pearl-amber colour with metallic gold highlights. This type of honeydew honey brings a real feast of unique flavour that is spicy yet sugary. Also known as Greek Pine Honey, our Fir tree honey is a speciality honey (free from chemicals & additives) sourced from the fir grooves of mainland Greece and Peloponnese.

We perform cold extraction and filter our organic raw honey very minimally because we aim to satisfy our consumers by offering nutrient-rich products preserved with all its beneficial traits. You can distinguish this honey due to its natural property to not crystallise. 

This organic honey makes a perfect fit for a well-balanced diet due to the abundance of antioxidants and flavonoids, antiseptic and diuretic properties, low moisture, high mineral content, lowest levels of sugars (below 30%) and calories.

Texture, Aroma, and Taste:

Our unfiltered and raw honey carries an exceptionally mild to moderate sugariness with a gentle burst of spiciness offered by forest flora. Along with toffee sweetness, you will experience a smooth, lingering taste of pine. Due to the low Glycaemic Index, it has a strong malty flavour. In short, you will be exploring multiple layers of flavours!

The honey usually appears dark red with iridescent highlights. It has a thick, sticky texture combined with a distinctively comforting resinous aroma and soothing forest scents.


Fir Tree Honey is not only difficult to find but also very costly to harvest and extract, making it the rarest honey. Fir trees demand a specific growing climate, for instance, cleaner air with no pollutants and toxin-free soil with no pesticides.

We harvest our honey from lush fir trees grown in high-altitude forests of mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. It is an exceptional form of honeydew honey only produced in the summer months and from the sap taken by the honeybees from the fir trees. It is done with the facilitation of particular insects.

Suggested Use:
  1. Due to its pleasant flavour, fir tree honey makes a good pick for breakfast and snacks. You can have it with toast or add a punch of malty, and spicy sugariness to your yoghurt, cereal, or oatmeal. 
  2. You can add it to your coffees and teas instead of sugar.
  3. It can be used in cooking and marinating meats.
  4. You can drizzle it on pancakes or consume it with hot scones.
  5. Pure honey can make your fruity desserts more refreshing.
  6. It will complement various savoury dishes.
  • This sought-after variety of organic honey has comprehensive nutritional, medicinal, and therapeutic benefits due to its nutrient-packed composition.
  • It works as a brilliant disinfectant due to the presence of hydrogen peroxidase. With anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, the honey has the potential to keep your body safe from germs.
  • Honey is beneficial for the skin as it can treat acne, control inflammation, cleanse and hydrate skin, combats premature ageing, and unclogs pores.
  • It is a natural healer for burns and sunburns. The benefits of honey are unlimited.
  • Due to its sought-after biological values, honey has the ability to improve your gut functioning and health.
  • Fir Tree Honey helps your body fight stress with its mineral-rich composition. It has high potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and magnesium levels.
  • As it has an extremely thick texture, you can use it to relieve sore throat. Drinking fir honey by mixing it in water or taking a spoonful will form a protective layer around the throat lining, giving a cool sensation. It is one of the best raw honey benefits.
  • Raw honey can be your low-calorie sweetener, rich in natural sugar-based compounds, especially if you aim to lose weight, control sugar (diabetic), or have sugar metabolism problems.
  • You can find Fir Tree Honey overflowing with phenols, flavonoids, and other antioxidant compounds, making it a suitable pick for people with cardiovascular issues, cancers, Alzheimer's disease, and macular degeneration. 
Nutritional Facts

 Nutrition Facts

Average per 100g

Average serving size 21g

Energy (Kcal)



Energy (kj)



Fats (g)



Carbohydrates (g)



of which sugars (g)



Protein (g)



Salt (g)



 Servings per container: 16



Is pine honey good for you?

Yes, consuming pine or fir tree honey is beneficial for health as it acts as a potent immune stimulant. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing, and cleansing properties that help combat various bacterial, skin, degenerative, and inflammatory illnesses.

Does fir tree honey crystallize?

One of the most exclusive properties of fir tree honey is its ability to not crystallize like other honey varieties. It remains fluid if stored properly.

Why doesn’t the fir honey tree crystallize?

For crystallization, honey must have higher sugar content. But, fir tree honey comes with amazingly lower glucose levels, making it thicker than usual honey varieties.

What if honey crystallizes?

Honey might crystallize slowly but you can bring it back to its original texture by putting it on heat (indirectly). You can use a double boiler to put your jar of honey in the hot water bath.

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