Top 9 Benefits Of Manuka Honey And Aloe Vera Gel - A Potent Health & Beauty Remedy

Top 9 Benefits Of Manuka Honey And Aloe Vera Gel - A Potent Health & Beauty Remedy

Aloe Vera is one of the most nutritionally-dense plants, known for its incredible benefits in making your skin glow brighter and hair look shinier. Available in the forms of gels, creams and juices, gooey Aloe vera acts as a potent health & beauty remedy when combined with pure, raw Manuka honey.

Aloe vera and honey juice may improve the function and health of various organs. As aloe comes with an unpleasantly bitter taste, honey is added to turn it into a sweetened drink that can give you relief from heartburn and constipation, clearer skin, and enhanced eye health.

Using aloe vera, lemon, and honey for face skin can work as restorative medicine for you. You can enjoy this powerful mixture as an anti-ageing face mask, a detoxifying blend, or a cleanser. These ingredients enriched with enzymes, mineral salts, and vitamins work together to moisturise your skin.

The best uses and advantages of consuming aloe vera and Manuka honey together are the following.

1.  Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin Dryness, Inflammation & Acne

    The benefits of honey and aloe vera on face have always been the subject!

    Whether you are suffering from red and inflamed or itchy and dry skin, sore and painful or scaly and flaky skin – aloe vera and Manuka honey mix can provide you relief by nourishing, hydrating, and protecting your damaged skin. Especially if you have eczema or psoriasis, keeping your skin moisturised is necessary. It can help you soothe your skin and create a protective barrier against infections and acne. Using aloe vera for acne is a recommended practice!

    Apart from cleansing the facial skin, it boosts the blood flow to treat acne spots and pimple breakout areas. Lathering your face with this plant-based, the jelly-like shield will pacify flared-up itchiness along with fighting harmful pathogens (acne-causing bacteria) such as staph or antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Easy-to-apply aloe vera and honey face masks benefit your skin with their vitamin-packed composition. 

    New Zealand’s sourced Manuka honey has approx. 100 times more MGO than other honey varieties, which makes it a powerful anti-microbial agent. At the same time, aloe vera is a prized plant for healing wounds faster, keeping the skin from losing moisture, having antibacterial properties, and preventing skin infections.

    Together they reduce the localised inflammation and sudden flare-ups, relieve discomfort, and give you acne-free smooth skin. Surprisingly, this combo slows ageing and works as an efficient de-tan agent. 

    Cooling and non-sticky honey-infused aloe vera gels ease the pain of inflamed skin until you heal completely, heal or repair damaged skin, and counteract the damages caused due to overexposure to sunlight. 

    How To Use Aloe Vera On Face - Most Healthy Aloe Vera Face masks

    Cinnamon honey and aloe vera

    • Mix 2 tablespoons of pure Manuka honey with 1 Tbsp. of pure aloe vera gel.
    • Make it easy to spread, not runny.
    • Take 1/4 Tbsp. of finely ground cinnamon and add it to the mask.
    • Leave it on your face for up to 10 minutes.

    Aloe vera, turmeric, and honey (ideal for dry skin)

    • Take out the organic aloe vera gel in a bowl.
    • Mix in a pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp. honey.
    • Make a homogenous paste and add 1 tsp. milk.
    • Add a few drops of rose water.
    • Leave it for 20 minutes.
    Aloe vera, honey, and walnut (ideal for acne)
    • Take out the organic aloe vera gel in a bowl.
    • Add blended walnuts (in flour-like consistency).
    • Mix in Manuka honey.
    • Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

    Aloe vera, honey, and Tea tree oil

    • Choose a carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, or olive oil).
    • Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to the chosen carrier oil.
    • Add 1 Tbsp. honey.
    • Apply the mask to the acne-breakout area. 
    • Leave it for 15 minutes.

    Time to say no to chemical-filled products as topical steroidal medications can be harsh, but Manuka honey blended aloe vera gel for face feels gentle!

    2.  Healthy-Looking Eyes

      Use aloe vera and honey for eyes and say no to spending dollars on expensive eye creams!

      Thanks to their antioxidant properties, aloe’s enzyme-rich composition and honey’s flavonoids, putting a simple aloe and honey mixture around the eyes can save you from puffiness, wrinkles, swelling, and dark circles.

      aloe vera

      3.  Overall Heart Health 

        One of the topmost honey and aloe vera uses include their ability to reduce the risks directly related to cardiovascular disease. This health-promoting combination is best consumed as a “honey & aloe vera drink”, which has the following benefits:

        • Reduces bad cholesterol level
        • Increases good HDL cholesterol level
        • Balances triglyceride levels
        • Lowers blood pressure
        • Detoxifies the blood
        • Supports oxygen distribution throughout the organs

        According to scientific studies, both are rich in antioxidants required to improve the quality of cardiovascular function.

        4.  Faster Wound Healing

          Both contain natural healing ingredients as well as antibacterial & anti-inflammatory qualities. Honey-infused bandages for healing minor wounds, cuts, scars and burns have been used for ages. When applied to the skin with aloe vera, they become more effective against infected wounds.

          5.  Accelerated Weight Loss

            Their vitamins and minerals makeup makes this blend a perfect partner in a weight loss journey. Considering several trials, drinking aloe vera juice mixed with Manuka honey can help shred extra fats by boosting the metabolic rate required to burn calories.

            6.  Better Hair Growth

              Mixing aloe vera with honey and other nutrients can give you a brilliant hair mask for shinier, softer, and strengthening hair. The three best ingredients of a mask to promote hair growth, remove dandruff, clean scalp, and repair dry hair are aloe vera gel, yoghurt, and honey. If you have extremely dry hair, don’t forget to add olive oil.

              Keep honey in a limited amount to not make the mask sticky, whereas yoghurt acts as a natural conditioner.

              7.  Improve Digestive Issues 

                Ingesting aloe vera with raw honey may help you get rid of gastrointestinal issues and upset stomach. It can be used to treat diarrhoea and constipation, alleviate stomach pain, and improve overall digestion - thanks to honey’s adaptogenic properties and aloe vera’s polysaccharides!

                When consumed together, they significantly minimise the risk and symptoms of peptic ulcers. It is considered an effective remedy in combatting IBS symptoms, as well.

                8.  Aloe Vera and Honey Benefits Arthritis 

                  Are you suffering from Arthritis? You must add an aloe vera gel and honey to your diet along with your medication. Both carry an impressive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profiles, letting them reduce the painful symptoms, swelling, and morning stiffness to the minimum and bearable level.

                  To reap the honey-mixed aloe vera benefits, you can either eat it or apply it topically.

                  aloe vera benefits

                  9.  Boost Immunity

                    Drink aloe vera juice and honey as both comprise powerful immunity-boosting antioxidants and natural detoxifying properties. From cleansing blood to aiding the digestive system, neutralising disease-causing bacteria to strengthening immunity – honey mixed with aloe vera products makes a good immunity supporter.

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