Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

Due to pollution and stress, individuals are facing hair problems and have been browsing hair products to find the best-suited shampoo, oil, and conditioner. 

If you are also obsessed with having sleek, shiny, healthy, and dandruff-free hair, you might have come across the wondrous effects of black seed oil to keep your hair and scalp nourished. Or, must be wondering if this miracle oil is really a good choice.

You can find plenty of historical or anecdotal evidence supporting the use of black seed for hair loss. Moreover, a few scientific trials have proposed that Nigella Sativa oil can be a valuable addition to your hair care routine and may help you combat dandruff, hair thinning, and shedding. However, not enough scientific literature is present.

Coppola emphasised the benefits of BSO saying, "Black cumin seed oil can potentially support the growth of natural hair as well as impart restorative properties for damaged hair. However, there is not really any valid reliable clinical data currently to support these claims."

Medicinal Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Your Hair

But the question still prevails: what is the reason behind black seed oil’s praise-worthy hair benefits? The answer is TQ (thymoquinone) which gives oil all the beneficial properties, turning it into an exceptional antibacterial, antifungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent. As a natural hair stylist and trichologist, Kari Williams explains, “These effects can help create a supportive scalp environment for healthy hair growth. Because we know healthy hair cannot grow from a scalp that’s inflamed.” 

Thanks to its fantastic composition of potent antihistamines, Nigellone and Thymoquinone, BSO offers therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal pick for daily hair treatments. Many naturalists recommend the use of BSO for treating hair loss caused due to hair conditions such as alopecia or harm experienced by hair-styling products. 

We can consider black seed oil one of the best all-natural, plant-based ingredients to:

1.  Nurture hair growth
2.  Combat hair loss
3.  Give you thicker, darker, and fuller strands
4.  Shield hair from heat, pollutants, and dust
5.  Fight dandruff (flakiness)
6.  Moisturise the scalp and hair shaft
7.  Make your hair look glossy 
8.  Restore potentially damaged hair by dye or styling 
9.  Decrease scalp sensitivity

    The best way to get optimal results is to apply it directly on the scalp for extra smoothness and shine, mix it with a natural carrier/ moisturising oil (coconut oil or olive oil), use a black seed oil hair mask, or buy a product with black cumin seed. As Brown says, "Black seed oil is often promoted as a natural treatment for hair loss. Many shampoos and conditioners contain it.”

    Telogen effluvium, temporary hair shedding or thinning, can be curbed with black seed oil. A study conducted in 2013 comprising 20 women suffering from telogen effluvium was treated with a lotion having only 0.5% black seed oil. Surprisingly, they exhibited significant improvements. As the sample size is minimal, further experimentations are needed to verify the significance of black seed oil against telogen effluvium.

    You must remember that the results of black seed oil vary regarding the hair type and texture, the amount of damage done to your hair or scalp, and the quality of BSO you use.

    Benefits of using black seed oil to treat your hair

    Black Seed Oil for Hair Growth 

    Kalonji oil is essential for hair regrowth, and the two most recent studies support this. First, a 2014 study demonstrated how brilliantly black seed oil can promote hair growth when mixed with coconut oil. In another study in 2017, the use of herbal hair oil comprising Nigella Sativa resulted in a significant reduction in hair fall (up to 76%).

    On the other hand, Dr. Bhanusali says, "I haven't come across any good literature to support the effects on hair growth specifically. There has been evidence that there may be a role for the seed as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial agent. In theory, if there was hair loss due to a condition like seborrheic dermatitis, it may aid in treating the condition and allowing the hair to grow in once the pathology is resolved." 

    Cumin seed oil not only gives you healthy hair fibres but also darker and fuller strands after consistent application in thinning areas. Generally, you can observe noticeable, visible results after 3-4 weeks of daily application. It promotes hair growth by:

    • Softening scalp
    • Nourishing hair roots
    • Stimulating hair follicles

    Its anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine properties help eliminate scalp flakiness, inflammation, and redness which are extremely important for stimulating hair growth. The antihistamines present in BSO are primarily beneficial for patients with androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata.

    In addition, Nigella Sativa oil comes packed with omega-3 and omega-6. These biomolecules boost blood circulation of the scalp, which directly contains hair fallout and stimulates healthy hair growth.

    Scalp Health | Dandruff, Hydration, & Oil Production

    Winters lead to excessive dandruff, itchiness, and irritation. This year you can maintain scalp health, deal with dandruff, reduce flakiness, and tackle skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc.) by using black seed oil, which can fight fungal hair infections, suppress inflammation, kill bacteria and viruses, and offer analgesic effects. It soothes itchiness along with offering a variety of benefits, including:

    • Improved root strength 
    • Refined look and feel of scalp
    • Moisturised scalp

    Apart from dandruff-free skin, the scalp needs a perfect balance of oil production to keep it hydrated and hair conditioner. Sebum is produced in your scalp, and black seed oil may regulate the oil secretion, ensuring your hair remains well-nourished without becoming dull and too oily.

    If you have curly hair, you might be experiencing issues of a parched scalp or dried-out hair, giving them an unflattering look. BSO can bring a noticeable change by trapping the moisture to make hair more luscious.

    Black seed oil hair mask

    Curbs Hair Fall and Prevents Damage

    Another common benefit of cumin oil is “treating hair fall.” Due to its incredibly rich composition of more than 100 different nutrients, it offers full-scale nourishment to your hair follicles and strands. It brings back the dead follicles to health, thus reducing hair loss.

    Moreover, free radicals can drastically damage the scalp and hair. Black seed oil is a known antioxidant agent - it neutralises free radicals and keeps your hair healthy and damage-free.

    Ways to Use Black Seed Oil for Hair

    The benefits of using black seed oil to treat your hair are numerous, but there is also a range of ways of using it, which are suited for different health issues and types.

    1.  Daily hair treatment
    2.  Daily scalp treatment
    3.  Protective styling
    4.  Deep treatment

      According to Yadav"Try adding a few drops to the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together, and raking the oil through your strands to evenly distribute it. Or try it as a treatment mask first to see how it works for your unique texture, then experiment with black cumin seed oil as a leave-in treatment mask." 

      Enriching Black Seed Oil

      Nature’s Blend black seed oil is fully packed with valuable nutrients, including omegas, thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ), and thymol that are helpful for keeping your body systems healthy, immunity stronger, skin acne-free, and hair healthy-looking.

      We cold-press black seed oil from super-antioxidant, high-quality, thoroughly tested, and organic Ethiopian black seeds. The seeds preserve all of the therapeutic and nutritional attributes and come with the highest level of TQ (2.5%) and volatility (3.9%).

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